Andrew DeOrio

Creative Process Engineering Projects

26 Jan 2015

This semester's Creative Process is off to a great start! Creative Process is a class where students are encouraged, in an interdisciplinary way, to explore their own creativity. (UARTS 250 at Michigan) Check out some of the engineering mini-projects where students used Makey Makeys to solve a problem of their choice.

The music of vegetables. What happens when you connect vegetables to a computer? Music! A turntable moves a pair of beets, which connect a circuit to two carrots, laying down the beat for the music. Next a cucumber is connected via an analog input, and custom software turns the vegetable into a tone generator. "It's vegan and has a turntable. Definitely hipster!" Jessica Abfalter and Peter Littlejohn. guitar tab guitar tab

Automated guitar tabulature. A MakeyMakey connects to a guitar, watching your fingers connect circuits between the strings and the frets. Custom software creates tabulature (a type of guitar sheet music) from your playing. Charley Kowalec. guitar tab guitar tab

Water usage monitor. This internet-of-things inspired system measures your water usage, compares it against past usage, and sends a text message either with encouragement or a reminder, "too much!". Shean Krolicki. water usage water usage