Andrew DeOrio

42 Hours of Re-Creativity

30 Oct 2014

This year's 42 Hours of Re-Creativity was focused on wearables, and had a great showing of teams. Students from two groups used computing in their projects, both integrating computing using a Makey-makey into their wearable projects.

Paul Giessner, Mihir Sheth, Angela Brazil, Tony Renwand, and Haolu Zhang made a suit that responded to real-life scenarios. Using sensors in the knees, seat, elbows, pockets, and arms, the suit guides the wearer through a situation. For example, during a job interview, it monitors body language and provides reminders like "uncross your arms to keep your body language open."

Video credit: Mihir Sheth

Zach Boulanger, AnneMarie Mueller, and Katelyn Hoag worked to solve three problems: E-waste, homelessness and elderly care. Using old electronics which would have been shipped overseas for an ecologically messy disposal, they made a wearable shelter. The shelter's roof converted into an electronic chair and floor, which was then be used to sense when a person fell and could not get up.

Photo credit: Mark Jones.

Living Arts 42 Hours of Re-Creativity...a student design challenge in creative reuse. University of Michigan, 2014. from Dwight Cendrowski on Vimeo.