Andrew DeOrio

Creative Computing Workshop

14 Sep 2014

Pay a visit to the creative world of computer science and engineering with Dr. Andrew DeOrio. In this hands-on session, you will be creative makers and problem solvers, engineering a solution to a problem. We will use computing devices called Makey-makeys to interface a computer to the real world. By the end of the session, you will have a working demo and an experience with the creative side of engineering. Please bring a laptop.

Photos from the workshop at the University of Michigan Living Arts community. Photos by Mark Jones.

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Slides available here Creative Computing image

UPDATE: I've given this workshop in the Creative Process course, and got a complaint about the noise. This is the first time I've had a noise complaint for teaching computer programming!

We've had some complaints regarding the noise level from faculty members who teach on Monday/Wednesday in rooms next door [REDACTED]. The rooms are all open studios - walls don't meet the ceiling and there are no doors. Naturally, we expect some noise pollution, but instructors are usually respectful of nearby classes and try to keep their own noise level down.

Today was particularly problematic. Apparently there was a protracted series of simultaneous cat meows that really brought in the complaints of frustration-from faculty and from students. When my cats do this I find cat treats effective, but as I understand it these were electronic cats. We have no other place in the building to move the UARTS class, and I fear for their safety.